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Physical security of the entertainment salon

The pacularitiy of the security for hall of playing automats are the next measures:
  • - providing and maintenance public peace and set ordinary routine;
  • - visitors' face-control;
  • - suppression of access of people with obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication and in dirty clothes;
  • - prevention and liquidation of conflict situations;
  • - proper co-operating with the staff of playing hall, rapid reacting on the signals of Administrator;
  • - regular control for the situation in hall and it's visitors behavior;
  • - providing safe leadthrough collection of money facilities;
  • - regular control for the hall's cashdesk;
  • - suppression of unauthorized bearing-out of property;
  • - fetching fire-company in the case of fire at the object, to take measures on evacuation of visitors and extinguishing of fire;
  • - compliance of ethics and culture with the employees and visitors;
  • - abidance by the guard staff the set equipment and form of clothes;
  • - observance of commercial secret in relation with customers, methods of work, technical decisions, problems, technologies, internal documents, etc;
  • - exploitation and maintenance of the videosupervision systems, control of access to the object and guard signalization.

Uniform for the guard staff:
  • - Shirt - dark blue color;
  • - Tie - black;
  • - Trousers - black;
  • - Shoes - black;
  • - Badge with pointing position;
  • - Sweater (in an automn-winter period) - black.

Equipment of the guard:
  • - Stun gun
  • - Tear gas

Oriented cost of guard services
Twenty-four-hour mode:
  • using the special measures - 7300,00 UAH per month
Daily mode (12 hours):
  • using the special measures - 4700,00 UAH per month
Night mode (12 hours):
  • using the special measures - 4100,00 UAH per month
According to agreement "About providing security services" it is specified the material responsibility of PC "Kharkov Guard Enterprise" in amout of 100000,00 UAH.

  • Internal mode - is the order, provided with the certain measures and rules, executable by persons, being on the guarded object, in accordance with the requirements of rules of internal order, set within the limits of the guarded object.
  • Access mode - is the mentioned order, provided with the certain measures and rules, eliminating possibility of uncontrolled entrance (output) of persons, entrance (departure) of transport vehicles, importation (bearing-out), import (outbound) of property on the guarded objects and from the guarded objects, set within the limits of the guarded object.
  • Face-control – is the limitation of entrance, the selective refusein maintenance of visitors (customers), dissatisfying certain criteria. The refuse by guard is usually made by not allowing to admit to the object the undesirable.

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