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Physical security services from professionals

Many of us want to protect not only ourselves, but the property, business, therefore use such a service as guarding for the objects. First of all, the guarding for the objects – is the safety for the staff and leadership, also safety for valuable things. We have the opportunity to provide guard for different kinds of categories and complexity – offices, storehouses, shops, dwelling houses and adjoining territories. Our specialist will make individual system for every object, paying attention to the following factors:

  • - Situation of the object (city, village, forest);
  • - Neighborhood with other buildings;
  • - Number of the personnel, that is working at the object;
  • - Regime of work;
  • - Activity character of the enterprise and its specialization.

Physical guard not only protects personnel at the working place, but also provides normal functioning of the object; safety for the property; order and control for the import and export; sets the regime for letting pass to avoid undesirable visits. It’s very important that guarding for work place and residence raises safety of leadership and increases the effectiveness of private security. One more advantage is the opportunity to prevent fire and to provide safety for property in such case.

Kharkov guard enterprise proposes service for guarding and protecting perimeter and adjoining territory of the object. Guard employees control the access to the serviced territory, prevent unsanctioned invasion and warn illegal actions, theft the property and acts of vandalism. Both, as armed so not armed guards can provide safety. Our specialist will make individual system for every object and plan for guarding the territory, paying attention to its peculiarities; propose to the customer following methods for providing the safety:

  • - Patrolling the territory;
  • - Set the video supervision, patrolling, access controlling systems;
  • - Other works for making the safety stronger;
  • - Providing the safety for the leadership.


To know about the complex of physical guarding price or to call for specialist for realizing the level of complexity, you can contact us +38(057)7553257 or send us mail from the menu Contacts. The consultation with our specialist about your object is free.

Besides Physical Guarding , we can propose you the setting and service technical security means – Video Supervision , access control systems(ACS), Guard Signalization and also Remote control guarding.