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Security guard – it’s a special profession

Any kind of profession should have professional education. It should be. But it happens, that employees do some job without any qualification, it refers to different professions. For example, manager – it’s a specialist, which should have management education. In real life, many organizations name “manager” anybody. Manager could be the person who gets the order or sales something. Maybe it is made to make the job status higher for employee, and he could say: “I’m a manager.” It sounds with prestige. Generally, maybe it’s not correct, but at the same time it doesn’t matter that usual seller is called manager.

It’s a pity, but the same attitude to the profession stays in security. The functions of the security guard could be executed by administrators, watchmen and other people, who don’t have the right for guard activity.

We should remember that making unqualified people responsible for providing safety is more than incorrect, but dangerous. Let you know that:

The profession “security guard” is a person with certain education and special training. Educational plans and programs for security guards include enough information for the following disciplines and directions:

Aims, tasks and principles of activity in private guard enterprises, rights and duties of the security guard:

  • - Basis, order and rules in using fire-arms and special means
  • - Technical characteristics for service and civil arms, also special means, that are allowed by the legislation
  • - Safety precautions in using fire-arms and special means
  • - Problems in providing safety
  • - Methods and ways for protecting guarded objects, lives and health of the citizens
  • - Kinds and order for setting and exploitation of the security and fire signalization means
  • - Methods of hand-to-hand fighting and self-defense
  • - Giving First Aid in the case of using fire-arms and special means
  • - Other problems connected with private guard activity.

Graduating from educational centre and getting certain diploma is the main factor, that gives the right to get the permission for private guard activity and work for speciality in the structure if guard enterprise.

Signing up the contract with private guard enterprise provides wise execution of the security guard’s duties and professional responsibility for the customer.