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Security Thesis - What We Know About Security

Providing safety is a question not less important and actual then health. But the safety, as health, isn’t valued till it doesn’t hurt. Therefore, it’s necessary to find the solution about safety earlier then something could happened and it would be late to prevent it.

Petr I found Petersburg. Earlier, he formed the army and built the fortress. Thus, for existing and developing something, it’s necessary to provide the safe conditions and protection.

In the beginning of the 20th century, it was coup d’etat in the Peter’s town. And the life of the citizens became worse. The main reasons were clear – gradual weakening of the safety, in this case providing the safety for state was low. Therefore, we need to plan our actions, directed on organizing safety to prevent worse changing.

After well-known events in the USA, the word “safety” began to be used in mass media all over the world. It was said that Americans hadn’t paid enough attention to the safety. Maybe, would it be rather clever to stop providing the safety, because of its useless? No – answered American politicians and allotted billions of dollars for developing the system of safety. So, we should invest more means to the safety system, then to the system that can destroy this safety.