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About our company

Security Agency - Kharkiv Security Company

услуги охраны Харьков

Private enterprise “Kharkov Guard Enterprise” was found in 2001, Kharkov. Ex-employees of Government Safety Service are at the head of the enterprise.

Khark оv Guard Enterprise has more then 17 years of successful work at the market of the security service in Kharkov region.

Customers are always right, therefore, to know the opinion of our customers, the Kharkоv Guard Enterprise organizes periodical questionnaire. Completing special form, customer has the opportunity to mark the level of given security and to express additional propositions in guarding. Such kind of  approach allows us to work with each customer individually and to develop our service regularly.

Our security enterprise proposes its service to the big commercial structures in Kharkov. We’re always looking forward for propositions from our customers; we examine attentively and take into consideration their demands and wishes. We always execute our duties with responsibility and guarantee you stableness and long-terming duties agreed by contract.

We deal with more then 70 objects, such as:

  • - Novo-Vodolajskiy Butter and Grease Plant
  • - Dergachevsskiy Meat Plant
  • - Slobojanskiy Milovar
  • - Igroservice gaming-zones
  • - Master Pack
  • - Polimer
  • - Brisk printing-house
  • - "Kharkov-Moscow" building company
  • and others.

Principles of our activity


Activity of Khark оv Guard Enterprise is strictly fulfilled according to license conditions, legislation of Ukraine and international judicial rules.


Aspiration to be ahead in quality, timelines and reliability are proposed by guard service.


Professionalism is considered in the knowledge of our subject in detail, connected professions and regular developing and qualifying skills.


Confidence, trust and respect in dealing with customer. Activity is only to customer's interest, supporting his position.

Important priorities in staff's work are systematic organization of work, coordinated actions with government bodies, involving new methods and technologies for providing safety.