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Do you need the guarding?

All we know that there exists such illegal actions like aggression and robbery, theft and hooliganism, treat and violence, but at the same time someone still thinks that it won’t concern to them, that they won’t get in such situation. But the statistics shows another picture. Street criminality and number of drug addicts are increasing. If we could go back for 10 years, we would see that aggression was real rare fact, but nowadays the situation has changed.

Actions of modern hooligan are based on low intellectual progress and drug influence, show that we shouldn’t be sure that we won’t be touched if we don’t have something valuable with us. Firstly, you’ll be hit and only then your pockets will be checked whether you’ve got there something or not. But that hit can be fatal. Because of such situations, one of the main points got such problems as safety of the person, house, property against illegal actions. At least you should think about safety.

What could we do?

For example, you may organize the guarding of the dwelling houses’ territory. For this, you should be initiative and unite with the neighbor inhabitants; it would be more useful and cheaper.

Also, you may connect with private guard enterprise and draw up a contract. The practice shows that the quantity of the criminal situations on territories, even with one regular patrol, becomes lower. Social order and guarding make the quality of life higher. And all this happens even if the territory is guarded, not you.

You pay for the light, water and heating, parking and taking your rubbish out. Don’t drudge money for your safety, other way, the payment for others social service won’t be important.

And also:

  • - safety of business, guarding of the shop and office;
  • - guard for social order in your microdistrict;
  • - safety of your house and protection for the apartment from the burglary;
  • - set signalization, video supervision and the systems for access controlling.

All this you may and need to do right now. You can entrust the solution of security and safety to those, for whom this kind of activity is the profession.